RIAA lobbyist turned judge runs a fantasy courtroom, the only one in America where they don't laugh copyright trolls out the door


19 Responses to “RIAA lobbyist turned judge runs a fantasy courtroom, the only one in America where they don't laugh copyright trolls out the door”

  1. Thorzdad says:

    Is there not an implicit conflict of interest having a former entertainment industry lobbyist presiding over an entertainment industry copyright case?

    • foobar says:

      Does it much matter in a trial by wealth?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Feature, not bug.

    • Ethical judges generally recuse themselves in situations like this where they have a clear and readily apparent conflict of interest.  

    • Lemoutan says:

      Why? What financial stake in the outcome of their deliberations does such a person have? Isn’t the only benefit to themselves a warm feeling that they’ve done their former chums a favour?

      Naturally, were such chums found to be reciprocating ‘in kind’ then that would be another matter – straightforward corruption of the judiciary.

      But in general I don’t see it. Most people believe they’re acting ‘for the good’. Can’t a judge simply be a cretin any more?

  2. B E Pratt says:

    Surely there must be a way to remove this person?

    • Finnagain says:

       Probably not. But a whole bunch of negative publicity (aka, Truth) may blunt her ideology. She’s a corporate shill, and should be pointed and laughed at.

      • Jake0748 says:

         I, for one, point at her and laugh. (And cry a little bit too about the hypocrisy and greed of people).    

    • The Rizz says:

       Yes – the lawyers should have demanded she recuse herself. They’re idiots for not doing so.
      On the upside, though, the judge may have some problems for basically saying, “fuck the law – I lobbied for this so that’s how it is in my courtroom.”

      • Yes, they could have, but when the obviously biased and corrupt judge laughs in your face and then proceeds to make a mockery of law and justice, you have boned yourself and your client.

        This will be overturned on appeal.

    • Yes, there is, but it requires a lot of money.   

      Alternatively, this is what appellate court exists for.   This also costs a lot of money, but not nearly the a lot of option A.  

  3. Finnagain says:

    If these people weren’t such assholes, I’d have given up piracy years ago. Now it’s just for fun. 

  4. Genre Slur says:

     Motion seconded.

  5. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Because when a Judge railroads the law it should be for a lawyer facing ethics violations in several states. 
    Who tried to shake done a 70 yr old woman until she didn’t cave and pay, she called in the media who got him to admit his foolproof identification system made a mistake.
    For a moron who setup a robodialer and called Does from dismissed cases and those with lawyers demanding payment or else.
    The moron who found Federal Courts to troublesome and started filing cases in Florida to abuse a state law to get names across the country.

    This is the same court that ruled that Uwe Bolle needed to know who Does were because that was the reason he didn’t make money… not that the worst director in the world makes crap films.

    One should not be worried we might have a High Court/Low Court system starting to happen… it is already here and alive and well tearing the little peoples rights down because someone using “software” that has never been vetted saw an IP address and that means if you pay the ISP bill you must have stolen the porn.  Who needs discovery, truth, or a day in court…  just threats to get people to pay up before the troll tells the world your a porn pirate… 

    Its a nice house, it would be a shame if it burned down….
    Comments like that got people running protection rackets arrested, but if you have a law degree the courts bless you on your way.

  6. Gerald Mander says:

     Maybe you should stick to short articles with big pictures.

  7. Paul Renault says:

     And yet, you felt it was important that you leave a comment…

  8. kslaboca says:

     Tip of the hat to you,  sir. Your sarcasm scored two times!

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