Missing woman searches for self

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A search and rescue operation was underway near Iceland's Eldgjá canyon last Saturday when a woman did not return to her tour bus. Turns out, the woman had in fact returned to the tour bus and had actually helped try to find, um, herself. According to Iceland Review Online, "Before reentering the bus after the stop at Eldgjá, the woman had changed her clothes and freshened up, resulting in the other passengers not recognizing her… She didn’t recognize the description of herself and 'had no idea that she was missing,'" said the area's police chief.


  1. In some cultures this would be referred to as a spiritual “SHAMANIC QUEST”

    ie;  searching for and finding oneself amidst worldly confusion

    This woman should have texted a friend that she’d made it back to the bus.
    What’s the good of having a smartphone if one doesn’t use it on a Shamanic quest?

    1. I don’t see any cell towers IN THE MIDDLE OF F******G NOWHERE! just sayin… ;-) Perhaps she could have channeled a SHAMANIC SPIRIT GUIDE?

    1. She was discovered taking continuing education classes in stained glass at the community college.  So….not yet. 

  2. I wonder if I could make something like this happen if I put out a reward for the capture of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    1. Searching for yourself without knowing it… that sounds kinda like the plot of ‘A Scanner Darkly’, which is one of my favourite Philip Dick novels, and also one of the rare PKD novels which actually has a thought-out ending instead of grinding to a halt.

  3. She was standing there beside herself, once was lost then was found to be her own worst enemy, whom she saw, and it was her.

  4. It’s like the scene in Indiana Jones 3 when Dr. Jones senior looks down the precipice where the tank plummeted.  Then Indy walks over and looks down too.

  5. It’s a story straight from Rumi:

    Late, by myself, in the boat of myself, 

    no light and no land anywhere,

    cloud cover thick. I try to stay 

    just above the surface, yet I’m already under 

    and living within the ocean.

      1. Looked it up. Quite a number of people source it all the way back to Confucius. I was set to say Buckaroo too. Blue Blaze Irregular ‘High Tech’.

  6. Isn’t everyone standing besides him/her/itself every now and then? I think this is a very romantic story. Hach.

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