MPAA budget drops 50% in two years

It's not just the RIAA who've seen its budget slashed over the past two years; the MPAA has also seen a greater than 50% revenue decline over the past two years. But don't worry, the millionaire lobbyists at the top go on earning top dollar.

3 Responses to “MPAA budget drops 50% in two years”

  1. benher says:

    But what happens when it gets cut by 50% again? And then again? and then again? It can never reach 0%! It’s Xeno’s paradox!!!!

  2. Fnordius says:

    I always suspected that the MPAA was a sick predator that was riddled through and through with parasites: the studios are less willing to chip into the pot, yet the parasitic lobbyists still feed unabated, not caring if they gobble up their host in the process.

  3. soylent_plaid says:

    I’d say we’re about halfway in the right direction.

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