Cow rescued

Firefighters in England rescued a cow after it got stuck in a tree. The cow was described as "reasonably happy" following its ordeal.

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  1. CSBD says:

    Luckily Cow Week is over… or the cow would have killed everyone…

    • Chuck says:

      The cow in the trees was merely a ruse to distract emergency workers while the rest of the cows were committing mass murder.

  2. Mike Guerrero says:

    Given the recent articles on BoingBoing, shouldn’t the proper response have been to unload a box and a half of shotgun shells into it and grill the rest?

  3. Just_Ok says:

    Sounds like it was trying to jump over the moon, and missed. But the rescue operation could have been an udder catastrophe.

  4. surreality says:

    Ten times less amusing with no pictures.

  5. jbond says:

    Cumbria had a cow in a tree. We had a cow in the source of the New River (runs from Ware to Islington in N London). 

  6. Rob, I think the article, not to mention the firefighters and the cow, deserves better pinpointing than “England”. It was in Thrimby in Cumbria.

  7. Daneel says:


  8. Felton / Moderator says:

    You guys are really milking this joke for all it’s worth.

  9. nodmonkey says:

    Real life finally catches up with the Internet

  10. s2redux says:

    Is “stuck in a tree” another British-ism that flies over a USian’s head, or was the post just headlined in a hurry? From the itv article and video it appears that a heifer tumbled partway down a hill, came to rest against some trees, and had to be righted (or perhaps pulled back up to the hilltop) by a backhoe.

    Not complaining, just curious about the language….we tell a similar tale in my country: After our first house was whisked away by a tornado, we converted an old horse stable into our new house. Midway through the work, one of the relocated horses wandered back to his old digs; taking advantage of the new stairway into the attic (nee hayloft), he climbed up to where there was still some hay and oats, and had himself a good feed. Rather than take the stairs down, he stepped through an open hatch in the floor. Luckily, his forefeet landed on some scaffolding below, and there he stood — half in the new living room, half in the attic. A small hole was cut in the roof, a strap lowered through, and the horse was pulled back up into the attic by a backhoe. From there he was led down the stairs and all was well. We tell the story using the words, “the time a horse fell through the ceiling,” even though he never fell all the way through…

    • DewiMorgan says:

      The phrase is typically used as “cat stuck in a tree”. Archetypically, the fire service rescued them, though they stopped offering this service sometime in the 80s, if memory serves.

  11. CLamb says:

    Perhaps it was nestin’.

  12. Brainspore says:

    The cow was described as “reasonably happy” following its ordeal.

    Odd. I was informed that happy cows come from California.

  13. eldritch says:

    This happens all the time in Minecraft.

  14. DewiMorgan says:

    Aaaagh! Evolution in action! This is where monkeys came from!

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