Cow rescued

Firefighters in England rescued a cow after it got stuck in a tree. The cow was described as "reasonably happy" following its ordeal.


    1. The cow in the trees was merely a ruse to distract emergency workers while the rest of the cows were committing mass murder.

  1. Given the recent articles on BoingBoing, shouldn’t the proper response have been to unload a box and a half of shotgun shells into it and grill the rest?

  2. Sounds like it was trying to jump over the moon, and missed. But the rescue operation could have been an udder catastrophe.

  3. Is “stuck in a tree” another British-ism that flies over a USian’s head, or was the post just headlined in a hurry? From the itv article and video it appears that a heifer tumbled partway down a hill, came to rest against some trees, and had to be righted (or perhaps pulled back up to the hilltop) by a backhoe.

    Not complaining, just curious about the language….we tell a similar tale in my country: After our first house was whisked away by a tornado, we converted an old horse stable into our new house. Midway through the work, one of the relocated horses wandered back to his old digs; taking advantage of the new stairway into the attic (nee hayloft), he climbed up to where there was still some hay and oats, and had himself a good feed. Rather than take the stairs down, he stepped through an open hatch in the floor. Luckily, his forefeet landed on some scaffolding below, and there he stood — half in the new living room, half in the attic. A small hole was cut in the roof, a strap lowered through, and the horse was pulled back up into the attic by a backhoe. From there he was led down the stairs and all was well. We tell the story using the words, “the time a horse fell through the ceiling,” even though he never fell all the way through…

    1. The phrase is typically used as “cat stuck in a tree”. Archetypically, the fire service rescued them, though they stopped offering this service sometime in the 80s, if memory serves.

    1. Those wily English genetic engineers have perfected the Beef Tree.  This will devastate the American economy.

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