Former IBM Japan president questioned over upskirt filming

Japan Today:

A former president of IBM Japan has been questioned by police after allegedly filming up the skirt of an unsuspecting woman in a train station, local media reported Thursday. Takuma Otoshi, 63, used his iPod to take the illicit footage as the woman rode an escalator at a busy Tokyo station, the Yomiuri Shimbun and the Mainichi Shimbun reported.


    1. “oh Humans, when will you learn to stop following your basic evolutionary imperatives ?”


      1. Speaking of “basic evolutionary imperatives”, there are some who would have you believe women are drawn to big, strong, handsome men, to procreate and continue, nay, further the human species. I put it to you that women are attracted to the men who didn’t go around hitting things with clubs, but figured things out, like how to make tools, fire, paint beautiful things on the walls of caves, etc. And women must have contributed to those things as well. So, please don’t infer that taking a photo with an iPod of a woman on an escalator is very high on the list of evolutionary imperatives. Maybe on a third grade level–tee-hee…

        1.  Wasn’t inferring it takes major precedence in any such ladder. Technically I would argue nature has no such ladders, following a more simpler set of opportune directives. 

        2. “I don’t want a man who belongs to a club,
          But a man who has a club that belongs to him.”

          — Cole Porter

        3. Agreed. I can’t speak for everyone else, but those creative, artistic, scientific makers-of-things? VERY sexy.

        4. I put it to you that women are attracted to the men who didn’t go…

          It’s really the same thing, isn’t it?

          The evolutionary imperative is to find a mate of high-value, and that’s context-dependent. In some contexts it’s a big strong guy with a club, and in others it’s a guy of high intelligence and earnings potential.

          This is not to say that we (men or women) are slaves to biology, but it definitely influences us.

          The traits my wife finds attractive in me aren’t the knuckle-dragging ones, but they have value. It’s my traits that don’t have much value that annoy her in the long run.

          1. There is such a homemade device, as per Masamania in Japan.  The guy wore oversize sneakers with a slit in the toe where the camera can peep through.

  1. In Japan, isn’t that as much news as saying “Today, air quality will be bad, and expect some slight rumbles and tremors”?

    1. Typically executives of multibillion dollar multinational companies have enough cash on hand to hire a high-end hooker…..This guy has a fetish that can’t be acted on authentically from his viewpoint in a legal context.  This kind of fetishist, to get off, needs to know they’re being stealthy and undetected, and that their target has no idea that they’re being filmed.  Which precludes safe and legal sexplay.

  2. I’m just amazed that such activity is actually illegal in a country with such a well established panty fetish. I assumed it was a national sport that they are pressing to have admitted to the Olympic games.
    Anyone who has sat in slack-jawed wonder at Sion Sono’s movie ‘Love Exposure’ will concur, I’m sure.

      1. I think everyone can agree fergus1948’s comment was one-hundred-percent serious… especially after seeing 2/3rds of the aforementioned movie.

    1. Remember that while Japanese porn, esp. BDSM, can go to astonishing lengths, they still deem in necessary to pixilate the genital area. Really strange, that.

      1. In the US, you can pay two people to have sex in front of a camera, but you can’t pay a person to have sex with you.

      2. Yes – but they pixilate in such entertaining ways!

        Demon King Daimao, conveniently available on Netflix instant play.

    2. When I went to Tokyo I think every other one of my friends told me to take pictures of the vending machines that sell used women’s panties. Believe me, I looked hard, but didn’t find any vending machine selling anything more odd than sake.

      1. You have to go to sex shops now to buy such items. They got rid of the vending machines about 10 years ago because they knew it was becoming a bit of a national embarrassment. You wanna know something fucked up about Japan? It was only in 1999 (due to international pressure) that they made sale and production of child pornography illegal. 1999. Ownership of such material is still legal.

        It is for this reason I snigger when people talk in awe of the civility and grace of Japanese culture.

        Vending machines I personally saw in Japan: beer, cigarettes & rolling papers, fast food (french fries/hotdogs), rice (you’d take your bag and buy 20kg of it). There was also a sort of vending machine that sold sex toys in one of Shinjuku’s classy ‘love hotels’.

  3. Uh, how does one use an iPod to do this ? iPod Touch? I guess everything has a camera on it these days. I’ll stick with the classic music player and just download the panty shots.

  4. He was questioned by police. They wanted to know his favorite spots and if he had any tips on the best gadgets to use.

  5.  think the matching letters at the word boundaries of “not” in that sentence create an optical illusion

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