Writing an edgy comic? Don't forget to include whatever fetish we posted about last month

Be sure to play Edgy Comic Bingo, by Cathy Leamy, who creates comics herself and knows a thing or two about getting linked to. Click through for the full NSFW card.

August, 2012: Pixellated German Secretary of the Interior mask.


  1. I’ve tried to cover most of the boing bases by centering my edgy comic around a steam punk feline banana copyright activist 8 bit self-constructed ukelele-playing super-heroine with princes leia’s hairdo (made out of cake).

    1. tristan, you forgot web privacy, shooping, and star wars, but you spread more than enough love around for us happy mutants!

      Am I the only one who looked at this card and thought, “Fetishes on BB?  WTF!?!”  Do I need a special access code to get to that section of BB? (LOL)  Actually, that might turn MAKE into something very, very scary.  Please do not send me that code! (2xLOL)

        1.  that’s what I thought.  the comic-writer needs to substitute the word “year” for “month.”  the latest entry in that search (other than this post) is from 2011  :/

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