A disaster bingo card for the 2020 "Funpocalypse"

My pal Hugh D'Andrade mocked up this "2020 Funpocalypse" bingo card in response to humorous social media posts he was seeing by artist Isabel Samaras. With each disaster, she's been joking, "OK, who had {insert terrible thing} on their 2020 Bingo card?"

What is it missing? Oh, other terrible 2020 stuff like "police murder of African Americans; UFOs; Mitch McConnell; bee colony collapse; evictions; and the plague," Hugh writes.

Sadly, it seems we all "win" this game of bingo.

P.S. Isabel recently designed the cover of MAD Magazine, only the second woman in its history to do so!

image via Hugh D'Andrade, used with permission