Little Face Mitt launches video appeal

FreezePaint made a video version of the Little Face Mitt meme.

Sleep tight, America.


  1. I didn’t even watch the video. Just the idea and the image made me laugh so hard.  I think little-face Mitt should just go back to Little-face land.  Especially after the great speech by big-faced Slick Willy tonight.   

  2. Is this Romney doing his Jay Leno impersonation?  I was led to believe the larger the cranium,  the higher on the evolutionary scale a species was–not!

  3. Anyone else find it sad that someone as rich as him has the gall to ask people trying to come back from financial ruin, that he and people like him helped cause, to donate to him? 
    If he is such a good business man, why does he need a handout to do what’s right for America? 
    Afraid to put his money where his tiny little mouth is?

      1. Crap, I’d totally planned on doing that and then I forgot.  Maybe I’ll do another one, because it would indeed be funny++
        FYI, there’s also an upside-down face ‘Thatcher Illusion’ version of this:  

        Enjoy :-)

        1. I love that upside down version with reverse eyes and mouth – are you the talent behind these then? I think I may well have to share them – they deserve it.


      2. And here I was thinking ultra slow and deep, because little face mitt can afford voice training to not sound like a munchkin.

  4. Well done…however, considering what Rmoney is about…I think it should be more about his incredibly tiny, if it even exists, heart.

  5. Dear Sir

    I wish to register a complaint. There could be children watching. Or puppies.

    I shall be canceling my subscription.


  6. If a conservative/Republican website posted videos of a tiny faced Barack Obama, how would you view that?

    The divisive split in America isn’t coming from just one side.

    1. Likely we would roll our eyes, and think, well, at least it’s not as bad as when they either lie or delude themselves that he’s muslim, communist, American hating, antiChristian, antiChristy,  socialist (in the pejorative sense of the word), terrorist fist bumpy, anti-capitalistic, or a radical anti-colonial extremist.  And if we came across it , we likely think, well this isn’t my cup of tea, and would look at something besides that on the internet.   

    2. If it were done as well as this, I’d think it was hilarious. Tiny faces on big heads are always funny.

    3. Someone, please post tiny-faced Obama, and let the viewers decide which is funnier.  Tiny Mitt or Tiny ‘Bama.

    4. I would find that significantly less divisive than the monkey tee shirts.  Or the monkey masks.  Or the drawings of the first lady with a monkey face.  Or the outright accusations of treason.  The strangely obsessive insistence that despite all the documentation being in order, the president could not possibly have been born in the US. 

      The spokespeople for the conservative movement: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck.  What have these people contributed to the US intellectual climate besides division?

      1. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck.  What have these people contributed to the US intellectual climate besides division?

        What a silly question! Anyone who has ever listened to any of those people knows that climate change isn’t real.

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