Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon at the library of the Royal Society

Wikipedia's entries on women in the sciences are lacking. The Royal Society has an extensive collection of original sources documenting the work of women in the sciences. On October 19, the nail will meet the hammer in the form of a group Edit-a-Thon and workshop. The event is especially aimed at fledgling Wiki editors, who might be intimidated by the job of editing the Internet's primary source of basic information. Representatives from Wikimedia UK will be on hand to show you how the site works and answer questions. They're going to pick the entries that need improving. Participants will get access to the Royal Society archives and will work together to make Wikipedia better. What a cool program! More museums should totally do this! (Via Ed Yong)


  1. There’s a lot of work being done on wikipedia by libraries, museums & galleries, and a thriving international outreach initiative at

    Most often it tends to be the more prestigious institutions that grok the possibilities first – the Smithsonian, the British Library, etc. – and which engage wikipedians-in-residence, run edit-a-thons, donate images & video; the GLAM site has some case studies.

    Apart from the obvious commonality of mission, there’s some evidence (citation needed) that engaging with wikipedia can drive click-through to institution websites. Generally it’s a win-win proposition.

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