Berners-Lee says no off switch for Internet, photo proves he's wrong


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  1. J Wagner says:

    I hate when people install toggle switches upside down (up is on, down is off, look at your wall switch).

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    That coily thing is an Internet Pipe.

    When traffic is heavy it boings around.

  3. chenille says:

    Berners-Lee could be right; all the sign says is that you need it on for normal operations. I bet that switch is really there to suppress the other mode.

  4. nathanroberts says:

    For some reason, this reminds me of the Magic Switch Story

  5. CB Mills says:

    The internet looked a little different when they showed it on The IT Crowd…

  6. Marko Raos says:

    That’s what They would like you to think.

  7. jeligula says:

    It very well could be that that particular switch is in an office building and refers to that connection alone.

  8. Matt Becker says:

    Not entirely related, but the Wikimedia Foundation has a switch that controls the power to their servers.  It, too, carries appropriate warnings:

  9. If i was ever in the room with that switch i would both be terrified of turning it to off and have an overpowering urge to do just that….

  10. awjt says:

    Hey, could someone switch the Internet back on?  I can’t get youtube right now and I need it.

  11. tudza says:

    Probably the same idea as the knife switches I’ve seen on the wall in secured rooms to cut the connection for the telephone.

  12. chaopoiesis says:

    The real Internet switch is hooked to bombs. Lots of hydrogen bombs. Or power plants.

  13. gizmodo has a lovely guide on how to destroy the internet

  14. Marios P. says:

    I think he is partly wrong. China seems to be doing a very good work when it comes to censorship and they do it on their own. 

  15. Keith Achorn says:

    Of course the Internet doesn’t have a switch.  It has a blinking red light:

  16. Paul Waldron says:

    If “the countries and governments would have to get together and agree and co-ordinate”  to do this, THAT would be awesome and the Internet would have achieved a beautiful thing!

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