Cartoon characters gone bad

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A botched bank robbery. From a men's adventure magazine. (Via X-Ray Delta One)


  1. Isn’t it technically “Men in Cartoon Character Masks Gone Bad”? The gentleman on the ground in the lower left appears to have lost his Porky Pig mask.  Winnie the Pooh on there hood there too…

  2. If anyone survives the shoot-out, the subsequent police line-up should be worth seeing. (“Number five, change masks with number three. Yes, you, Daffy.”).

  3. hmh… all from the Disney pantheon except for Popeye.  next bank robbery, try Warner Bros.  (and no, that wasn’t “Porky”;  think three little pigs)

    1.  When was this? ’64? (If only I wasn’t car-blind.) Hm. Disney licensed the Pooh characters in ’61, but didn’t make the first one of their crappy animated movies from them until ’66. It’s kind of borderline, but the mask looks more like the book version than like Disney the Pooh.

  4. What a great piece of art. I’m not sure I want to read the story, or if that’d just ruin it for me. Anybody know which magazine it’s from? And when?

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