Connect-A-Cord: extension cord set with 50 1-foot cords

A godsend! And it's only $8 (UPDATE: It won't be available until late fall).


      1. If you can demonstrate your willpower to 49(*2) connectors, you can probably free-climb out of your situation in time to fine-tune the neck snap long enough to borrow some kind of cheer, blog it, etc. That said, this is also ideal for free-climbers mounting wishes for a ‘special moment’ involving separate-tubs-at-the-top-of-the-world. No reason to tie in more than necessary.

      2. This could be a safer product.  Put just right number of cords so that your radio pulls them apart before it tumbles into the water.

    1. Don’t worry, the radio will be fine. If you look closely, you can see it’s the company’s Bubble Bath Boom Box, which is humidity resistant.

    2. Actually it is pretty safe to put a boombox into a tub…

      The things you really want to watch out for are appliances with electric motors in them or things that actually draw a lot of amps… fans, blenders, Cuisinarts, power saws, arc welders etc.

      1. So if you just cut the device off entirely, plug the power cord into the wall and dip it into the water by itself you’ll be perfectly safe since disconnected wires normally draw zero amps?

      2. Dangerously wrong.  Do you think the 110 magically gets reduced to lower voltages without any connection that would be exposed to water if the chassis was flooded?  

        I really hope you don’t give this sort of advice to people in person, where it’s not as easy to see a gaggle of other comments that make yours stand out as inaccurate.

        1. Dude, I’ve actually used Connect-A-Cord.  First, it’s perfectly safe near the tub (I’m still kicking). Second, what are fuses for?  Wake up: this is the 21st century calling.

          1. Fuses are for saving the house wiring. Ground-fault-circuit-interrupters (GCFI) are for saving people from electrocution in circumstances such as this.

            There’s a very big difference. If you don’t know that then you’re BOTH in line for a Darwin Award.

  1. The box photo seems to be professing that it’s safe to have your boombox on the edge of your tub as long as you’ve precisely measured the powercord so that it’ll disconnect if the boombox falls in the tub.  I admire those who want to live every moment of their lives like Indiana Jones, but I still wouldn’t do it; that area can still get wet enough to cause problems.   As James Bond in the GOLDFINGER prologue would say, shocking, absolutely shocking!  

  2. This product wouldn’t be necessary if that stupid contractor had just installed the power outlet at tub-level like most bathrooms.

    1.  You’re right; I am shamed.  Particularly since I used that Family Blankeez box to send all my Christmas gifts to my family the year before last.

  3. Actually, it’s surprisingly handy.  Plug a bunch of those into a power bar, and you have your very own power “squid” that can easily accommodate a whole bunch of bulky AC adapters.

    Monoprice charges 99 cents each for a quantity of 50 of these things, so yes, $8 is an incredible bargain! Or it would be, if this wasn’t fake. :(

    1. A few years back I was experiencing USB port blockage problems and  tried to find a few 6″ USB cables. No regular place seemed to sell them.

      I wound up buying like 10 for $5 from Ebay. I store the extras plugged end-to-end but I’ve never tried using them as just 1 USB cable.

      1. I’d say you’d be likely to get issues like USB2 stuff showing up as USB1 and so on… IME USB gets glitchy from the attenuation of connectors.

  4. I would buy the heck out of this if it were real. I have about 10 1 ft extension cords around the house already – they’re great for thwarting wall warts hogging space on power bars. I never thought to connect them together though.

    1. “They’re great for thwarting wall warts hogging space on power bars,” explained Dave, as he hustled Tom Edison IV down a street illuminated by tubes of excited noble gasses. Tom had barely understood a word anyone had said since he left the Electrical Palace at Luna Park, only to find the park deserted and in ruins. It was as though he’d stepped into some alternative to his own familiar reality, a topsy-turvy world with power stations the size of textile mills and international wireless telegraphy, yet a world in which even the most sophisticated of electric piles could scarcely power a single automobile, let alone a deluxe airship of the line. A world run on alternating current.

      Tom shuddered involuntarily as Dave led him into a small boutique with the curious name, “Radio Shack.”

    2. Yeah, at that price I’d buy two boxes. Whether it’s to mitigate wall-warts or because you need just a little extra cord, One/two foot extension cords are shockingly useful. *cough* 

    1. I bought the deluxe version with gold-plated connectors, so no such problems for me.  Also it makes my bathtub cassette tapes sound vastly superior.

  5. I put my wife’s “big” christmas present in one of these prank boxes last year (the pet auto-petter one) and it worked remarkably well. She kind of gave one of those “oh well isn’t that nice” bits and moved on to the next present. 

    It took almost 20 minutes (long after everyone in the family had opened everything) to convince her to actually open it and discover what was actually inside.

    Moral of the story: best $8 I’d ever spent on cardboard.

    1. You should’ve put the real present in a Connect-A-Cord box and then put the Connect-A-Cord box inside a Bathe & Brew box.  Double the fun. 

      Wait, why stop there … 

  6. “Ah, but there’s a snag, you see. Due to bad planning, the hundred and twenty-two thousand miles is in three inch lengths. So it’s not very useful.”

      1. “Destroy ninety-nine percent of known household pests with pre-sliced, rustproof, easy to handle, low calorie Simpson’s individual emperor stringettes, free from artificial coloring, as used in hospitals!”

    1. If you really want The Perfect Length Power Cord!, then six cords, in 2^n foot lengths from n in [0,5] so you can have any length you want in one-foot increments from one foot to 63 feet. 

      Not much use for a second cord after you’ve used up some for the first, but then again the box doesn’t say Several Perfect Length Power Cords!

  7. Somewhere there is a fire inspector having a heart attack….

    Seriously, I once had a fire inspector threaten a $300 ticket for a 3 outlet plug adapter.

    1.  I’m not a fire inspector, but my first thought was a sarcastic “What could possibly go wrong?”

      I’m trying to dig up a website I saw a while back — it was a compendium of really terrible, dangerous DIY wiring jobs. (Like “There I Fixed It” but only for wiring, and not part of the Cheezburger empire.) There were some amazing examples of extension cord abuse.

      (And yes, everyone, I get that this is a joke product.)

      1. I think I remember the site you’re talking about, but I don’t have an URL.

        Maybe the Naval Safety Center has something along the lines of what you’re thinking of?  Their weekly photos have some mind-blowingly awful wiring jobs, but it isn’t all wiring.  There are also plenty of cases of “Try to use forklift to lift smaller forklift up to where it can lift pallet” and similar. 

        It appears they’ve got archives here, but for some god-awful reason they’ve converted most of them to Powerpoint files.

        Also, tangentially, I’ve taken fire inspector fussiness about extension cords and multiple outlets a lot more seriously ever since I saw a daisy-chained power strip in my company’s server room actually burst into flames.

  8. I was real disappointed when I saw that the link didn’t go to amazon.  $8 would have been a good deal for all those cords…

    Think of all the replacement plugs!  Think of all the sockets!

  9. The product demonstration photos on the box are straight out of the home hazards awareness poster.  Appliance near the tub, man overreaching on a shaky ladder, plastic cord stretched over an open stove element.  Invitations to a grisly death all!  Sure this product is a godsend, if you worship Cthulu.

  10. They gotta be kidding! Are they seriously suggesting using a mains-driven radio in the bathroom? As for a power outlet also in that damp, humid room, words fail me. A recipe for electrocution if ever I saw it.

  11. What everyone is missing is that the stereo on the tub is the PERFECT example of why someone would want–nay, NEED–a connect-a-cord. Because the extension cord is the precise link, it will unplug itself automatically if that stereo happened to slip.

    Because we’re only shown the front of the box, we can’t see the equally compelling photo on the back in which an electric lawnmower is headed straight for the pet dog. Thank goodness it’s powered by a perfect-length connect-a-cord!

    1. That was my initial thought, too, but there’s just a little too much slack in that cord. The smart thing to do is to have the boom box sitting anywhere but the edge of the tub, and to have a model that includes a remote for changing volume/stations/tracks/whatever.

  12. Spray-on Datacenter for Exterior Walls and the NEMA-8 version of this are a perfect match. You might be reaching for the Goulomb ruler knockoffs, or the paintable solar and thermal wall materiel solutions available, but this is the one.  

  13. I’d like to BUY this for the low-low price of $8,but can’t seem to find it anywhere.Perhaps it’s a CONCEPT extension cord??

  14. Up here in Northern Canada, we plug in our vehicles when it gets really cold. I have lost a dozen extension cords over the years by driving away without remembering to unplug. These 1-foot cords are not only available, but worth it for that purpose. So parody imitates life imitates parody…

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