Lego's massive Haunted House set

Drew sez, "Lego has released a Haunted House set with vampire figures, zombie chef, Frankenstein butler, and glow in the dark ghosts. It's not a traditional Lego set as it's made to look in a state of disrepair with cracked windows, crumbling foundation and broken shutters. 2000 pieces make it a substantial build intended for older, more advanced builders."

Above is Jason Forthofer Brick Show review of the 2000+ piece set.

Lego Monster Fighter Haunted House (Thanks, Drew!)


    1. It seems to me there are many who would condemn any recommendation of “advanced builders”, who would advise the purchaser to toss the instructions and let their imaginations build whatever they see fit. 

      I’m kind of confused on the matter myself – as a young’un, I almost always followed the instructions and had plenty of fun doing so.

  1. I had to laugh at the vid.. “Opens up… Almost like a doll house”. 

    I think you’re kidding yourself.

    Awesome set though. Fun to play with the lego guys in there.

  2. What I love most about the Monster Fighters sets is they look like they’ve been designed by kids – mismatched colours, bits sticking out everywhere, weird piece choices, etc.  Other themes might have a smoother, more professionally designed look but MF feels most like homemade lego.

  3. So how many of those would you expect to receive as presents over the next couple of birthdays and christmases, Cory?

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