Breakdancing Freedom Tower construction worker in NYC (video)

[Video Link] (Thanks, Joe Sabia)


      1. As someone who used to commute through London Bridge I have a somewhat frictious relationship with the shard.

        That said its name doesn’t make me do a little sick in my mouth.

    1. There are some freedoms that most citizens just can’t handle responsibly. I submit that the ability to record vertical video is one of these.

  1. Fun to watch (unless you have vertigo) but it’s KRUMPING, not breakdancing.  For what it’s worth — the name is pretty lame.

      1.  Nother voice in the chorus for pop  & lock/waving. Not remotely krump or breakdance, though when he started I was hoping he was an animator. Still good old skool moves.

      1. When we get a new commenter whose user name has freedom, truth or similar words in it, I cringe.

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