New monkey isn't so much "new" as "newly documented in a scientific journal"


46 Responses to “New monkey isn't so much "new" as "newly documented in a scientific journal"”

  1. royaltrux says:

    I can’t decide if I want to pet it or discuss philosophy.

  2. Maverick says:

    Looks like Jesus.

  3. Chuck says:

    Is anybody else wondering if “Little Faced Mitt” can be Photoshopped into the middle of that?

  4. Petzl says:

    In restored Cercopithecus lomamiensis‘ name, we pray

  5. limeychiney says:

    Monkey Jesus radiates calm and compassion. I am a better person for seeing this face.

  6. GeekMan says:

    He looks more bored to me. 
    “Sure. I guess I’m ‘new’ to you. Whatever…”

  7. Gus Mueller says:

    please, creationists, reassure me that i am in no way related to that creature! like the Lord Himself, i have my insecurities!

  8. Lobster says:

    I’m thinking Gene Wilder.

  9. SedanChair says:


  10. mappo says:

    Apparently the Uncanny Valley effect also applies to monkeys. 

  11. Sujai Kumar says:

    RT Ewen Callaway (@ewencallaway) 
    Care to start the ‘old world monkeys that look like Novak Djokovic’ tumblr? Nadal has his

  12. Brainspore says:

    Dammit, the dealership told me that it was brand new! I’m not paying full price for a used monkey!

  13. Dlo Burns says:

    I swear I’ve seen that dude at burning man.

  14. RJ says:

     Coffee house monkey listens to “Mercy Street” on his iPod and contemplates the next chapter of his book.

  15. timquinn says:

    I thought monkeys were created in the monkey vacuum by fluctuations in the background monkeyness. In certain rare instances a new monkey and a new anti-monkey will be produced. In most cases the pair will annihilate each other, but occasionally the monkey pair will float apart and and a new kind of monkey is born. The anti-monkeys spend their days hiding in the deepest parts of the jungle, cause they’re just not that into us.

  16. JeepMcMuddy says:

    That photo > “Heeeeeeey Maaaan, quit harshin’ my mellow…..”

  17. aaron_and1 says:

    Tempted to Photoshop him onto the Levis ad at the right…

  18. Wanjikũ Ngigi says:

    Its face says, ” they finally they found me. I thought the bet was a sure thing.’

  19. Bitgod says:

    Makes me think of the Where’s Your Head At video…

  20. Ian Osborne says:

    Nothing’s more Gene Wilder than that.  

  21. I always felt something was missing from this image. That’s better…

  22. darrrrrrn says:

    I’m just going to leave this here.

  23. rtresco says:

    “Lesula looks like people!…people!!” ~ C. Heston, gun-nut

  24. Utenzil says:

    Looks more like “Cercopithecus McKaylaMaroneynotimpressidus” to me.

  25. geth says: has already pointed this out, but this monkey is clearly related to Alan Tudyk: 

  26. StewieC says:

    Isn’t that the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers?  The “Discount Double-check” guy, Aaron Rodgers?

  27. robotnik says:

    Renowned. Renowned, renowned, renowned! (Sorry.)

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