Massachusetts medical marijuana opposition forgets to register domain


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  1. chellberty says:

    The site looks like a Win not a Fail to me. The easiest way to know if someone has been bitten is if they will settle for snowballs.

    • technobach says:

       Win for the site owner.  Fail for the people who came up with the domain, and put all their money into advertising for it instead of registering it.

  2. Jason says:

    I think Woody Harrelson would be amused that these guys used a cap from Zombieland haha

  3. pjcamp says:

    I thought *weed* was supposed to make you stupid, but apparently it is no weed that does it.

    I’m such a noob.

    • Iron Clad Burrito says:

      Since this is about the opposite of what happened in Nevada in 2004 (where the MJ advocates forgot to submit the petition for the ballot), I’d wager that the answer to what makes one stupid is “politics,” and not “weed” or the lack thereof.

  4. So, apparently, the election office either fixed it online, or the booklet’s website was a typo. Either way, here’s the actual vote no campaign’s response to the website:

    • Duncan20903 says:

      That site was registered after the was appropriated by the friends of freedom.

      •  Actually, doesn’t belong either to the proponents, opponents, or parodists of this measure… it’s been registered by somebody else (under privacy protection) since 2006 (probably connected with some other “question 3″ somewhere else) and has no website on it at present.  It’s the .org version that was advertised as the site against this question, but left unregistered until the parody site came up.

    • EH says:

      Nothing was fixed, they just registered a crappier domain name that nobody will ever remember.

      And oh look who registered with Disqus today. Just for this?

  5. soylent_plaid says:

    I’m going to hate myself for this, but…

    It looks like the opposition’s website plans…


    …went up in smoke.

  6. AwesomeRobot says:

    Anyone have more information on this guide? As a MA resident I’ve never seen one. 

    • Jessamyn West says:

       They’re mailed to every household in the state and include information on the ballot initiatives as well as lists of the candidates. You can contact the secretary of the commonwealth’s office to see why you haven’t been getting yours.

      Or just get it online, but there are fewer lulz opportunities like this one.

  7. Sarge Misfit says:

    We have to draw a line! If the Twinkies go, next will be Doritos.  Then Ho Hos. Pizza. Chili fries! Who knows where the insanity will end!!

    Oh damn, now I gots the munchies ….

  8. cbwallday says:

    Am I the only one who is surprised that it wasn’t the *supporters* of Question 3 who forgot?

    • Ender Wiggin says:

      you are.   now you know better.   antidrug warriors will always fail, because in their coal black hearts they know that they’re evil, greedy apes… fighting a failed war against their own fellow citizens.   Hopefully soon they’ll all move on to teh gays.  (yes, i tend to assume all those prosecuting war on fellow citizens are mysogynistic, racist, homophobes as well)

    • Xyzzy says:

       Probably… Keep in mind that a lot of people like me that support legalization haven’t used it, and feel it would be a better choice for our society as well as individuals within it.

  9. jerwin says:

    Sadly, the Secretary of State has updated the voter’s guide, and the online version points to a different website entirely. We live in an ephemeral age, where the mistakes of the past do not matter.

  10. AnthonyI says:

    The opposition launched a website where they do acknowledge what happened to the domain listed on the pamphlet.  What’s funny is that they try to paint the spoof website as having a secret agenda while at the same time they don’t come clean about their own website.  Where the domain holder is anonymous and there is not a single name, organization, address or phone number associated with the site. I wonder if it’s a high dollar PR group or amateur working out of their parent’s basement..

    • disillusion says:

      My guess is that it is most likely connected to the private prison system and law enforcement agencies in the state, seeing as those are the two that would benefit from the law not passing the most.

      • AwesomeRobot says:

        Not completely true, it’s already decriminalized — so the prison system has little to gain aside from dealers, who’d be still doing illegal stuff even under the proposed law.

        • wysinwyg says:

          I was going to say the fines from the civil penalties might be a reason for law enforcement to get involved, but I haven’t talked to a single person nailed on that yet. So I doubt it’s much of a source of revenue.

    • Brad Ackerman says:

      Click on “Endorsements”. People whose religion requires that they force it on others at gunpoint, with a side of politicians who happen to have MDs. (Also the Mexican cartels, but that endorsement is omitted.)

    • Toby says:

      “The person behind the satirical website is Scott Gacek. One might expect him to have an interest in “medical” marijuana because of the claimed benefit to a chronically ill person. However, online research about Mr. Gacek reveals a different interest.  He is a photographer who has a hobby of posting pictures of young girls smoking pot on the web:”

      oh noes!

    •  But they didn’t get the .org version of that domain…

    • Selena60 says:

      Are there Cheeto stains on the webpage? There’s your answer.

  11. bjacques says:

    The anti-Q3 group’s IT guy was smoking banana peels and morning glory seeds.

  12. While this site is awesome, I doubt it will help much. The people who vote against medical marijuana tend not to get sarcasm. 

  13. Brainspore says:

    The interesting part is that the real site doesn’t have any better arguments against the initiative than the fake one.

  14. mattgriffin says:

    When we still had the Hostess factory in Natick, this would have never been a problem.

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