Elfquest: A greater challenge

Here's the second page of the new chapter of Elfquest, the long-running series of graphic novels first released in 1978. Here's page 1: and here's our our introduction to the series. Published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing, a new page of the ongoing narrative will be posted each Monday over the next few months.

Ed. note: Welcome to the second page of a new chapter of Elfquest, the long-running series of graphic novels first released in 1978 (Do you want to know more?) Published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing, a new page of the ongoing narrative will be posted each Monday over the next few months. First time reader? You're a few issues behind. — Rob



  1. *sniff* okay, now that I am done crying, that last thing that Leetah said… That’s exactly how I felt when I had my daughter. And yes, more has been asked of me than I wanted to give… But I did anyway. How could I not? Having a child teaches us who we really are, and is a journey and a challenge. I can’t wait to watch their journey unfold. Thank you, Leetah. High Ones bless you, Shuna and cub.

  2. Total chills. One of things that has always set Elfquest apart is that its creative force is a woman, the amazing Wendy Pini. This page is a perfect example of why Elfquest is like no other comic you’ll ever read. This is all about the power of women – no pink, no frills, no frou-frou “girly” stuff necessary.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with the pink-girly-frou-frou stuff; there’s plenty of that in EQ too – it’s just not the ONLY representation of femininity like it sadly is in so many other forms of media, and that’s one thing that makes EQ so special.)

  3. My friend just introduced me to Elf Quest earlier this year and I’m in LOVE with it! I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning every night catching up on the entire story and am so glad that it’s continuing. Hunt Howl and Live Free!!

  4. Elfquest has been my favorite story since I “discovered” it in with the “adult” books for sale at a tattoo shop in San Diego back in 1984 when I was a Sailor!  Even have my name in the second fan address book – back then it was MM3 Humes on the USS Dixon!  More important – I had never seen ANYTHING like EQ before, and after getting spoiled by both the fantastic art, and the “not just for little kids” story, I had a Heck of a time ever finding anything else that was even close to as appealing to me!  Until I stumbled onto Anime – with it’s similar Graphic Novel format stretching over years sometimes – I really enjoy getting to “know” the characters, almost as well as I enjoyed getting to Know Leetah & Cutter!  Elfquest is, without any doubt, the reason that I now own an Anime Store in Edinboro, Pennsylvania!  Thank you Wendy and Richard!  I am thrilled to once again be along at the start of a new chapter in the long history of the Wolfriders!  I am 53 now, but I have enjoyed these first two pages just as much as I did then, and I have already introduced my 14 year old son to the wonders of ElfQuest!

  5. I have first stumbled upon ElfQuest when I was 9.  3rd book and ever confusing, but I was in love.  It actually was what brought me to start writing and drawing, though I know I will never be as wonderful or skilled an artist and story teller as Wendy and Richard Pini, I have nevertheless been inspired greatly, and throughout the years have read everything there is to know about ElfQuest, and to learn that once more they are creating a wonderful story with the same beloved characters is utterly amazing!  I can barely wait for the next page but rereading every other book is really helping. One day I would like to meet and shake the hands of these two wonderful parents of ElfQuest because they are so friggin’ EPICALLY AMAZING!

  6. I’ve been a dedicated EQ fan since I was 7 (originals were still being published). I’ve also been in Consumer Marketing for over 14 years. I like the idea of weekly updates, but a page a week is a REALLY bad idea for acquiring readers, unless your only target audience are soon-to-be-mothers and established mothers. The fact that these are the two pages you’re starting with tellme that it’ll be a LONG time coming before there’s content that would attract the average person, let alone the average EQ fan – which is mostly of the male variety. The last thing the average man would want to see is a woman giving birth.

    1. I don’t think the average EQ fan is a man.  And I don’t think that Wendy and Richard worry too much about attracting “the average person.”  Nor have they ever.  Somehow Elfquest has managed to still be a huge success.  Elfquest is different, and that’s what makes it great.  Paying attention to target demographic interests and market research is important — but not if it impedes the creative process.  W&R are telling this story they way they want to, and that’s how it should be.

    2. “the average EQ fan – which is mostly of the male variety”

      I’d like to see your source on that. Because all EQ fans I know personally are female*.

      Also, we have seen at least one pretty graphic birth before (Mender). Didn’t seem to hurt sales all that much. This is really tame in comparison.

  7. Also, as far as the one page a week schedule, am I alone in saying that I’m actually kind of enjoying it? Even though it’s thoroughly modern digital art being delivered via the internet as a webcomic, getting it this way still feels kind of old fashioned, like reading a serial comic strip in the Sunday newspaper. 

    The wait is giving me time to pour over each page, drinking in the art and trying to figure out where the story is going. 

    And as I’ve said before, I think Wendy and Richard (and Boing Boing) are taking genius advantage of what doing this online has to offer (e.g., the sending stars with background info on characters and links back to elfquest.com). Like everyone else, I do eventually want to get a hard copy version of this in my greedy mitts, but I’m enjoying this new experience.

  8. Why is the background on Leetah’s sending-star description different from everyone else’s?  All the others have a solid black background, but Leetah’s seems to have a leafy, woodsy background.  Does that mean something?

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