Toy soldier stop-motion animation

Chris Butcher works stop-motion magic with toy soldiers and flower buds. "Plot-oon"


    1. Vimeo embeds aren’t clever enough to serve up an HTML5 version unless you’re on a mobile device, install flash, or use Chrome

      1.  yeah….  I’ve got flash.  I was under the impression that was required to run vimeo and youtube videos at all, nevermind embeds.  well, whatever.  that ain’t it.  i suppose next you’ll say that i need the latest version but this is the last one supported by my OS, so forget it.

      1.  Sorry David, when I said ‘we’ I really meant Chris Butcher.
        (That is not to detract from his fine animation though!)

        1. He may have been influenced by Pes, but I don’t think he has to mention him in the titles if that’s what you mean. 

  1. Its not Pes or Chris Butcher but the belgiums Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier who’s done the incredible series about Cowboy, Indian and Horse he’s been “influenced” by.
    Theres even a full flim by the belgian greats….

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