Article about human billboards who bear tattoos of defunct company logos

Buzzfeed has an article about the desperate people who cashed in on the skinvertising craze of the mid-2000s.
Golden palace Then there’s the case of perhaps the world’s most famous skinvertiser, Karolyne Smith (now Karolyne Williams), a young, blonde Utah mother who took her turn on the morning talk show circuit when she sold ad space on her forehead in 2005 to online casino for $10,000. She said she needed the money to finance private schooling for her young son. It’s unclear how long that money lasted, but Facebook photos show that the tattoo, now slightly faded, remains between her bangs. She wrote in a recent post that she’s been forced to move into the basement of her father’s house. (Smith didn’t respond to requests for comment for this article.)

Meet the human billboards that sold their skin to companies that don't exist anymore. (Via Cynical-C)