Man dresses as car seat in attempt to move to Spain without the usual red tape

This fellow dressed up as a car seat in an unsuccessful attempt to relocate from Guinea to Spain. From the Telegraph: "Police only realized there was a third man inside the Moroccan-plated Renault 7 when they started examining the seat -- and touched flesh instead of foam."

Illegal immigrant tries to get into Spain disguised as car seat


  1. And WHY would you chose the front seat??? 

    Wouldn’t it be easier to give yourself a *little* more wiggle room and dress up as a slightly more spacious back seat?

    1.  Most of the front seats I’ve seen are larger than back seats, perhaps because they’re more likely to be used by adults

  2. The Checkpoint Charlie museum in Berlin has a car that was used in that way too – apparently it worked for that person to get past the East German border guards.  I think the West German guards at that point would let anyone in who made it to their checkpoint – their main job was to help people safely cross the border, rather than keep anyone out.

    1.  West Germany’s attitude always was that East Germany was a state but not a country.  All eastern Germans that got away were citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany already, and had every right to cross that demarcation line. 
      Either direction. 

  3. One has to be really desperate to look for work in Spain, as legal or illegal immigrant.
    Dude, lots of immigrants are craving for a little money to flee from Spain back to their home countries*!

    *Mostly south americans. Very expensive plane ticket to go back home plus no income to pay for it equals desperation.

  4. Spains southern tip is just 16km (10 miles) from north africa, and there are alot of people trying to get into europe (and hopefully a better life) over the water, by boat or other way. The passage is also a primary flow of drugs in to europe.

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