Headline of the day: "Millionaire with cocaine habit so bad his nose collapsed is jailed after police find drugs stash in the folding roof of his Bentley"

The only way this Daily Mail headline could be any better is if the millionaire were from space.
A millionaire cocaine addict who retired abroad at the age of just 36 after making his fortune has been jailed after police found a haul of drugs hidden in his luxury car. Property developer James Brown's habit was so bad his nose collapsed after nine years of daily cocaine use.


  1. Laugharne, Wales, late September,
    One Mr. Brown’s hot tempered,
    This man’s possessed, he’s restless,
    Armed and dangerous, drugged and reckless.

  2. So he wasn’t retired? Or I guess he pulled a sports star retirement where you retire from basketball and start hawking other goods.

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