Panama's new copyright law is the worst in the history of the universe


9 Responses to “Panama's new copyright law is the worst in the history of the universe”

  1. TimmoWarner says:

    Worst in the history of the universe? More like BEST in the… wait… no.

  2. The only way in which Panama accept this, is by the free trade agreement that the U.S. imposed on us. And of course, why they did so quickly, but we will keep fighting until the end. We will not leave.

  3. You’d better be packing and move to Narnia….

  4. Kimmo says:

    I’ve been refusing to pay fines for not wearing a bike helmet for twenty years, and it seems to be working out pretty well so far…

    Any scope for Panamanians to follow suit…?

  5. howaboutthisdangit says:

    I fear that laws like this will become more common around the globe, until a tipping point is reached and enough people become outraged.  My biggest fear is that the lawmakers and their media bosses are keeping a close eye on the overall balance, and will prevent that tipping.  They don’t care how many people bitch and whine as long as those complaints don’t translate into votes or consumer boycotts, and there are enough sheepish consumers to dampen any unrest.

  6. princessalex says:

    “We’ve seen some stupid copyright laws in the past fifteen years, but Panama’s new law — which has passed the legislature and merely awaits executive approval.”

    The first sentence left me hanging.  It needs an end to the clause, “. . . . but Panama’s new law . . . “

  7. A man. A plan. A shitty copyright treaty. A canal. Panama!

  8. donovan acree says:

    I do hope it passes. The public push-back should be something to behold.

  9. Umut Bozkurt says:

    Here’s another take: Six-figure copyright fines with no complaint from the author

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