"One Day," an animated short (video)


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  1. Loved the short. Nothing pixar esque about it. Unless you mean it’s quality? Is that what it means now? Worth your time though. Short and sweet.

  2. Boundegar says:

    Lovely.  Made me wish my French was better, but I’m bookmarking this!  Also, the story did remind me a little of Pixar’s shorts.

  3. MrWednesday7 says:

    Loved it.

  4. kmoser says:

    Nice visuals, but I don’t get the plot whatsoever.

    • RembrandtQEinstein says:

      I actually liked it because it didn’t hit me over the head with a theme. BUT, to me it was a story about a dude who didn’t want to get tied down, and explored until he found something worth settling for. Like the opposite of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Although that’s just what I took from it – providing this vague transference is what the best stories do: everyone sees meaning through their own personal experience. 

  5. turfgrrl says:

    The future is flying houses not flying cars!

  6. Sigurd Tao Lyngse says:

    the story seems like it could be inspired by the anime popotan: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=2082 where a 4 girls are destined to live in a house that travels through time and space, meaning that any connections they make outside of the house can only be temporary. The guy in the short’s house seems to travel 4 years every jump

  7. Ito Kagehisa says:

    You’re on a roll, Xeni!  Another wonderful thing… reminds me very strongly of Miyazaki.

    My favorite Gobelins is still Oktopodi, but this one is most excellent!

  8. This is what I believe occurred.

    The house was traveling to empty, open locations, and he was recording them all. In every location he marked his journal (the only French I translated) with a determination that each site was “Rien a faire” or “Nothing to do”.

    Then one day, he drops into a city and has coffee with a woman and her young son (who looks a lot like the traveller himself). He enjoys his day, and goes to bed frustrated that in the morning, he’ll be moving on. The next morning he wakes up, and instead of relocating, he’s in the same city. It may even be that same day, so he can go have coffee with his mom again. Whatever the case, he’s clearly happy at last.

  9. musesum says:

    This one makes *my* day … yay!

  10. Rob T says:

    I clicked on it with the idea “Ugh.. if it is too long I won’t bother watching..” and then, after he left the cafe I was wishing it was another 20 minutes or an hour longer to see what would happen next. I love the Iron Giant style of the animation as well. Just lovely.

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