Gangnam Style as a "literal" music video, remixed without music (video)

[Video Link] by UK-based remixer Moto2h via Flux.


  1.  Finally a version that works with GEMA [Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte]. 

  2. I once had neighbors whose son was deaf, and he got married, and they had a big party for all his deaf friends in the house next door.  I stepped out on my porch, and there they were drinking and celebrating…  in complete silence.  I felt like I was the one who was deaf.

    This video made me feel the same way – like somehow my music sensors were broken.

  3. Did they get their hands on the original footage or did they foley all of this?  Because of it’s foley…that’s some impressive work.

        1. I had the misfortune to see it on Súper Sábado Sensacional about a year before it broke into the English music market. Even the dancers and the audience looked bored out of their minds.

  4. I really hope this turns into a new meme, because I want to see this done to a song I’ve actually heard of before!

  5. “Less” really is “more.”  Because with less music, this thing is even more ridiculous.

  6. The weird thing for me is that the “room tone” they use for the subway and that huge shot of the financial building is waaay different from what I remembered it to be when I was in Korea. 

    Still one nice piece of work though.

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