In a neglected fossil: A vegetarian with bite


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  1. Brainspore says:

    Vegetarian my ass. I’ve seen what they serve at a Skeksi banquet.

  2. Angryjim says:

    I took a “backstage” tour of the american museum of natural history. They have huge blocks of dinosaur fossils that have been sitting in plaster (the way they prepare them in the fireld) for 50 years or more. There just isn’t enough time or money to prepare everything they get!

  3. duc chau says:

    If that chicken tried to fuck with me I would fuck that chicken up. I’m not afraid. (I am afraid.)

  4. dZed says:

    I’m not familiar with how they store these fossils — AngryJim, above, seems to know more about it than I do — but this seems like a perfect opportunity to exploit 3D scanning technology to put the shapes of fossils, at least, into some kind of digital storage area where other researchers could look at a dig’s haul and start to work with them spatially, or beside any of the other data that is collected in the field or logged during the cataloging procedure. Really, I think I’m ignorant enough of what this type of scientist actually does that I’m focusing in on the jigsaw elements of the process, if that even plays a part. But still, my mind immediately goes to scientists across the country (or schools, even!) downloading models from Thingiverse, printing out all of the fossils from certain digs on 3D printers and assembling the past.

  5. sota767 says:

    Oh parakeet, how the mighty have fallen.

  6. J says:

    As intriguing as this is, I still need to mention that, like the best things in life, I’m reminded of the artwork of Stephen Gammell, of Scary Stories fame.

  7. cfuse says:

    Looks angry, so militant vegan I guess.

  8. snagglepuss says:

    …Dad ?

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