Idea Box draws community to public library


4 Responses to “Idea Box draws community to public library”

  1. tubacat says:

    what a great idea! (no pun intended)

  2. Sean Kelly says:

    “9 x 13″? You should probably include the units on that. Also, as a typographic nicety, an actual multiplication symbol, ×, looks better than a lower case x. Yes, I’m quite anal retentive.

  3. Clemmer says:

    I like the fact that the dimensions are left up to the imagination, or to be inferred from the picture if desired.  I like the fact that the picture has a wicked glare, so we can see in fact that there are trees on the other side of the street and that this place is not embedded in an urban jungle.  I like the fact that this post conveyed to me the sense of what it means to be spontaneous, creative and just getting to it, without being wrapped around the axle in minutia.  I used to worry about things I couldn’t change, or that didn’t ultimately matter.  Once I learned to tell the difference, my life got a lot easier, and I started understanding posts like this a lot more.  Yes, I try to live just for today.

  4. Carmen Johnson says:

    thanks this

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