Second Wind, a brutal browser roguelike

Described by author Squidly as "text adventure, roguelike, and sweet simplicity," Second Wind is a grind-em-up browser adventure. Attack, upgrade, buy stuff, and watch as stats accumulate, new character classes unlock, and the pixilated world changes. It's all horribly addictive, of course.


  1. Damn you!
    I said “I´ll give it just a try and I´ll keep reading the newspaper”… then one whole hour of my time just disappeared! 

  2. Meh. I like the look, but complete randomness without any way to cover the things you have not fully explored is a pain in the ass. Also, most of the classes blow – including the unlockable ones. Power with Dexterity is king, and the starting Psion class can to a guaranteed 2x damage with no issue. By the end I was dealing so much damage that the game would glitch out and enemies would not die.

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