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17 Responses to “Alaskan baby walrus seeks bukkit in New York”

  1. Henry Pootel says:

    I’m glad they resisted the urge to name that little fella’ Ackbar, despite that being the first thing that came to my mind…

  2. Garrett Eaton says:

    Geez. They didn’t even leave the Stranded Marine Animal Hotline up long enough for me to put it in my phone.

  3. Pobol Pobotrol says:

    Why take a baby walrus to New York?

    Oh, to put him on display. :-(

    • Syndaryl says:

      Does that zoo have more room in it’s Walrus area?
      Does that zoo have a population that needs a walrus of that sex to maintain a natural social group?
      Does that zoo have an experienced foster-mother walrus or other walrus fostering plan?
      Does that zoo have a breeding program and need more genetic diversity?

      • Pobol Pobotrol says:

        Maybe, but you’d think they would use domesticated zoo bred Walrus for that.
        I was hoping they’d been rescued with a view to freeing them again when they were grown.

        • Syndaryl says:

          Only if you can. There’s no use releasing them if the result of being raised by a human leaves them without the survival skills they need to live in the wild – that just is a cruel way of killing them.

          And BTW: Zoo animals are not domesticated. Many aren’t even tamed, so watch your fingers.

          EDIT: Release is GOOD! It’s just it’s not always that simple.

          • Pobol Pobotrol says:

             Of course this is true. I’d hope they don’t have too much fun giving them too many bukkits and cuddly monkeys and general nannying about, and instead give them a giant ice cube to live on with live food and an adventure fun slide.

    • Seriously says:

      Instead of bitching about people who have dedicated their lives to helping these animals. Why don’t you get off the internet and do something? Its not exactly The Cove.

    • CLamb says:

       It’s just not the same thing as a Major League Baseball team.

  4. Matt Haney says:

    I want one.  Sure, I live in an apartment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have room for a walrus, right?

  5. Kenny Cross says:

    I never imagined in my life I would say this but: Damn those walruses are CUTE! Good to see them being cared for. 

  6. Jenny C says:

    I met these babies when they were picked up in Barrow!  Evidently they need social contact, so the Barrow vet staff, and I imagine staff at the Sealife Center, were tasked with cuddling them.