Follow along as Felix Baumgertner skydives from space

Felix Baumgartner is going to skydive from space today. At Popular Science, editor Jennifer Bogo is on site and live blogging the whole thing. As of 12:18 Central time, Baumgartner was in his capsule and preparing for the inflation of the balloon that will carry him into the stratosphere. From which he will jump.


  1. I’m missing what everyone is so excited about.  Dude’s gonna strap on a bunch of expensive shit (and sponsor logos) and jump out of a plane.  Is this really such a big deal?

    1. I think it’s the image of him jumping out of what looks like a space capsule, wearing a space suit with a black sky background. Could be a small stepping stone for astronaut emergency re-entry procedures. Also reminds one of the Star Trek movie.

    2. He’s going to jump from a balloon at 120,000 feet and fall fast enough to break the sound barrier.  Sounds exciting to me…  Not as exciting as Kittinger’s jump, but still pretty awesome.

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