TOM THE DANCING BUG: Mitt Takes a Stroll Down Sesame Street

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    1. Yes, but Sesame Street is being used as a metaphor for PBS. PBS receives 15% of it’s annual funds from the Federal Government, and the only reason Big Bird gets the name drop is because I’m sure the majority of debate-watching Americans don’t know who Neil deGrasse Tyson is.

      1. Oh, but come on, how much is that really compared to how much funding goes for other sectors of the national economy? PBS gets peanuts compared to other federal expenditures (defense, social security, medicare – the last two are next on the hit list, if some have their way) and to say otherwise is disingenuous.  The truth is that this has been a target of republicans for a while, so they can all get on the grover norquist “starve the beast” bandwagon (because apparently you can’t be a republican if you cross that Grover, even if you are punching the other, blue Grover).  the more they cut, the more than can justify their sanctified tax cuts…  Do you really want to live in a country with NO public infrastructures? Should we just dig up the eisenhower highway system next?  Get rid of national parks, just sell off the land and let the logging companies in? Close all the national monuments? Fire all federal employees except congresscritters, the Supremes and the President (then they could all get yet another raise, and awesome insurance and pensions for life!)? Should we just go back to the Articles of Confederation, because then we could legally not raise taxes on anything!

        Err… sorry.  got into a bit of a tizzy there….  don’t mind me. :-/

        1. Just like the highway system, you sell PBS as a national defense project.  Big Bird can teach kids Farsi, Persian and Mandarin so that we may more effectively fight our current and future enemies.

  1. ROFL, Honestly where do we find these candidates? If Romney were president he’s probably drone strike Sesame Street along with the 47% of working poor, lazy bums.

    1. Given the paltry sum of Mr. Moneybags’ defense contract (a mere $500K), I’m thinking the only profitable plan is to use the 47% as the bombs, and drop them onto Sesame Street.

  2. We need to withhold those millions from CPB to pay for more tax breaks for Big Oil and all of the other Big Guys.  Oh, and more bombers.  Must have bombers.

  3. Methinks Mittens wants PBS to enter the soul-sucking-spin-cycle of stupid that The Learning Channel (not sure how they can still call it that) has undergone since privatization.  It’s sad when you see reality so closely following plot lines from cautionary tales like Network.

    1.  Opening a channel up for ads allows advertisers to exert control over content. Surely we want Sesame Street run by people who follow in the footsteps of its founders, not people more concerned with selling kid’s toys?

  4.  this is brilliantly done. i love that Mitt Romney looks EXACTLY like Guy Smiley, and the billionaire is the dude who was always pissed off and eating in the restaurant that Grover schlepped plates in.

  5. The fact that The Count was the one who did the math is frosting on an already-great strip.

  6. I used to work for a military contractor, and getting a $500,000 contract meant that some of us had spent some very late nights away from our families to win it, to ensure that no one had to be laid off for another year or so. No one at my company could afford a mansion.

    I love TTDB, though.

  7. Good attention to detail.  Saying “That’s great” immediately after someone has illustrated the depths of poverty in this country is soooo Romney!  

  8. I wrote this on a local politics blog after the debate, nice to see similar sentiment in TTDB.

    “Sesame Street is urban, multicultural, and very diverse. Where people are always teaching each other new things.

    It’s not a gated community full of rich white people whose kids go to private prep schools. It’s a place where people don’t have stock options to cash in so they can finish school without having to work part time or take out huge loans. It’s not a place where daddy can help you buy a nice house in the college part of town. Or where you can own a horse and take a ‘loss’ on it that is worth more than many American’s homes.

    People who live on Sesame Street run the spectrum of our country. Some of them are the ‘47%’, some own small businesses, some are immigrants learning the language of the land, some are second and third and fourth generation Americans making the best they can for their kids.  Some are grandparents. Same sex couples. Some are people who work in factories. Own the corner store. Take the subway to work.  Send their kids to public school. Try to save for college. Sign up for the volunteer fire department.. Volunteer to serve in the armed forces. Teach at the local high school. Work 2 jobs if needed to make it all work.

    Sesame Street, it is the street the Romneys lock their car doors on when trying to get home to the burbs.”

  9. Why has BB stopped updating the Tom the Dancing Bug page?  I need to search to get the latest comic nowadays.  Brain Rot’s page gets updated!

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