Want to become a viral influencer? Try this $50 content-creating app

TL;DR: Save on this app that helps you plan, create, edit, and schedule social media content across platforms, UNUM Pro.

It takes a lot more than knowing the moves of dance trends to become a viral influencer (well, unless you're a D'Amelio). You need a solid method of growth if you want to quit your day job and make content full time, and we might have just the thing: UNUM Pro.

You won't need separate apps for brainstorming ideas, editing videos, generating hashtags, and scheduling posts because UNUM has it all in one place. And, oh yeah, the Pro plan is only $49.99 here—psst: it's rated 4.5 stars on the App Store from 12k reviews.

One of the hardest parts of being an influencer is knowing what to post. Sure, you can do GRWMs, vlogs, and unboxings, but your viewers will eventually want to see something fresh and UNUM has post ideas and templates you can explore for inspo.

Then, it's time to get cracking! The sooner you start creating, the faster you'll be on your path to getting those brand deals or hitting follower milestones. UNUM has photo and video editing tools like 500+ overlays, filters, and canvases to bring your posts to life.

From there, you can plan and schedule them to go live on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among other platforms. Plus, you don't even have to write captions or hashtags, just ask UNUM's AI to generate them for you!

UNUM also helps you plan for growth. View easy-to-digest data (no math involved!) to understand what content is and isn't working for your audience, and adjust your approach accordingly.

You can also create a personalized link to add to your social media bios containing your website, blog, online store, and other socials, so your followers can find you everywhere — all from one place.

The first step to your influencer journey starts with UNUM Pro, now $49.99 (reg. $719.40).

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