UK website taken down by spurious copyright complaint regarding UK ultra-right groups


12 Responses to “UK website taken down by spurious copyright complaint regarding UK ultra-right groups”

  1. ocker3 says:

    ” religion, hate groups and religious extremists, as well as hate groups”

    Needs less hate groups

  2. digi_owl says:

    And USA complains that free speech will be harmed if the ITU gets a say in matters Internet…

  3. Spieguh says:

    Nice host ya got there. It’d be a shame if someone or someones, say, filed DMCA takedowns for every one of their clients. Hard to make money when every paying customer is shut down, maybe inspire some due diligence before fucking over said customers…

  4. Richard Bartholomew says:

    Thanks for posting this and for the kind words. We all know about the “libel chill” emanating from the UK; but this “copyright chill” from the USA is new to me.

  5. andygates says:

    It’d be a terrible shame if someone posted that censored text. #streissand

  6. Charlie Flowers….

  7. Richard Bartholomew says:

    My auxiliary site has been removed – I’m not sure whether as a result of an automated process that didn’t like my links or because of a new complaint. However, there’s a good account of the story here:

  8. bruce cat says:

    Looks like the blog post was taken down too. I’m getting 404 error

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