Stem cell madness


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  1. Paul Renault says:

    “41.5%” improvement?  No, not 41.4%, nor 41.6%… 

    It sounds like the ‘clinical studies’ for skin care products…

  2. Jerril says:

    It sounds like someone with a bit of a problem with compulsive lying really spiralled out of control. I “understand” the motivations for academic fraud, but it seems most of the fraud is vaguely plausible (ie: person is actually a researcher, fraud is related to their field of research). I am amazed that someone would think they’d get away with fraud of this magnitude. I actually have difficulty calling it “fraud” and not “a bald-faced lie”.

    Wackadoo tag, very appropriate.

  3. autark says:

    Somebody should publish a method for returning adult journalists to their embryonic state and reprogramming them to publish whatever story line you inject them with.

  4. Moriguchi used protomatter in the Genesis Matrix.

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