Justin Bieber duct tape


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  1. MooseDesign says:

    Songs that just stick in your head. Or on it.

  2. dmc10 says:

    I’ll assume I’m not the only one who was thinking, hoping, this was duct tape to be used ON Justin Beiber?

    • Chuck says:

      “I can’t exactly explain it, officer.  The label on the tape spoke to me.  It told me to abduct Justin Bieber, restrain him with duct tape, drive him out into the woods, and show the world that there’s still such a thing as justice.”

      “I see.  Well, thank you for volunteering that, but it looks like you’re a little late.  Some tweenage girls apparently got here to Mr. Bieber’s house first, and did something … similar.  But probably different.”

      “Yeah.  Looks like they bought an awful lot of this tape.”

  3. the perfect accessory for my white panel van.

  4. GawainLavers says:

    Perfect for dealing with your child’s discipline problems.  Maybe they can also make a Bieber glue.

  5. mocm says:

    Why is it so hard to spell Bieber?

  6. saint_al says:

    Just let Bieber fizzle out. It shouldn’t take long. 

  7. Marc Rigney says:

    I assumed that this tape was supposed to be used on Beliebers, to muffle the incessant squealing.

  8. SofaKing says:

    How long before this ‘design’ appears on the hot new ‘kinetic’ tape that the athletes are adhering all over their bodies (Olympics)?  Will we soon see LeBron with several little Bieber-faces slapped across his thighs?

  9. Robert Cruickshank says:

    Every time I walk into my local drugstore, I have to walk past a display for Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend cologne. Now I’m going to think about this product every time I see that one.  Thanks for that.

  10. welcomeabored says:

    I can’t always tell, in the PR agency’s fevered attempt to promote their client and make a buck, if having a publicist is a help or a hinderance to a celebrity’s career.  The client often ends up looking ridiculous and the public gets sick of him/her.  So many movies I refused to see because I was tired of the actors.

  11. welcomeabored says:

    For example, have you checked out the Brad Pitt, $7 million, Chanel #5 commercial?  For those of us silly enough to be suceptible to the validity of rumors of how Brad smells (me), this was ripe with irony.


    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I was waiting for him to say, “1791 was the year it happened. I was 24, younger than you are now. But times were different then, I was a man at that age: the master of a large plantation just south of New Orleans.”

      • Laura Almond says:

        Yeah, saw that ad today and kept thinking “I quite like this guy, films ain’t bad and he’s doing some stuff for sustainable housing ….. please, please, please don’t be for a scent……. Doh!”

  12. creesto says:

    Can someone explain to me how people have favorite colors or favorite foods or whatever faves? My life is one experience after the next, many new some repeated…I guess my ‘favorite’ would be breathing…

  13. Boundegar says:

    I know an electrician who needs a roll of this.  He doesn’t know it, but he needs it.

  14. awjt says:

    Now we need a Britney spear and a Lady gag.

  15. otterhead says:

    I can’t wait to make LARP weapons with this stuff.

    “Two damage by Bieber!”

  16. bolamig says:

    Sounds like a good way to mark your tools so that nobody thinks they are theirs.  

  17. snagglepuss says:

    No, no, NO !

    You don’t use this stuff to silence Beiber’s squealing FANS – You use it to tie somebody who already hates him, and is also a person WHOM YOU HATE AS WELL, to a tree or a fire hydrant or some other secure object before starting “Baby Baby Baby” on and endless loop. Be sure to alert any heartless human behaviorists and torture porn devotees beforehand, so that they can bring popcorn and chairs.

  18. gumbowing says:

    I thought it was a can of chewing tobacco at first!
    Now that would be a sure sign of end times.

  19. Nylund says:

    I’m still upset that a company decided to promote the mispronunciation of duct tape by naming its product after the common mistake.  Yes, I know this is not a recent thing.  I’ve been upset for quite some time.

  20. Dlo Burns says:

    Is it just me or has he gotten really generic looking recently? 

  21. stan p says:

    I was upset…but then I just sat up…now all is well

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