Identity thief's amazing disguise fails to fool bank, toddlers


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  1. Chuck Mathias says:

    A few elements in the story that might otherwise confuse readers can be clarified by pointing out the whole fiasco took place in the Des Moines in Washington State, not Iowa.

  2. Gilbert Wham says:

    That suit ought to be a punishable offence anyway, deception charges notwithstanding. Egad.

  3. waksawak says:

    Is that a hair injury?  Was his cowlick broken?

  4. Just Good Sense says:

    That “injury” looks straight out of Looney Tunes. The bank manager should have just handed him a stuffed bag with a big “$” marked on the side.

  5. eliterrell says:

    It looks like Brian Butterfield’s diet works after all! He brings your loved ones back, dead or alive.

  6. Mark Dow says:

    Blast those hacker identity theives, in underwear they call pants. Props to this guy going for it in a respectable suit, during business hours. Do you think a tie would help?

    The aggrieved party in the theft will get razzed mercilessly for this photo. Come to think of it, I think I recognize him …

  7. Brooks says:

    Also, it’s not the Des Moines KOMO, but one of the micro sites that KOMO (a ABC affiliate and also a radio station in Seattle) produces.

  8. Snig says:

    I somehow get the impression that a positive experience in high school Drama Club led him to this sorry state. 

  9. Chupate esa says:

    Im guessing he watched “payback” and he thought he pull the same thing Mel Gibson did, lol

  10. David Perriman says:

    Ho ho. When the brains were handed out, I reckon he wasn’t even in the queue!

  11. Mick Hamblen says:

    Joshua K. Pinney a dumb crook Bank of America a bunch of smart crooks.

  12. He couldn’t have just posed as a banker and ask for a bailout? The Feds seem more gullible…

  13. Wait, I know this movie. It’s like every bad bank-robber movie script that Hollywood never quite approves for production because Matt Damon hasn’t agreed to star in that role.

  14. blueelm says:

    I just think about that moment when he looked in the mirror and thought “yeah, that’ll fool ‘em” instead of “ok, this isn’t a good idea.”

  15. voiceinthedistance says:

    Thinking:  You’re doing it wrong!

  16.  Ben Affleck has been tapped to play him in the feature.

  17. Art says:

    Never in the history of medicine has there been a more inexplicably ridiculous bandage.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      When I had my cheekbone broken, then repaired, they incorporated a sort of rail on one side so that I couldn’t roll onto it while I was asleep. The whole staff of the Recovery Room sang I’m a Little Teapot to me.

  18. Sparg says:

    Oh, Baldrick and his cunning plans.

  19. Dlo Burns says:

    the crappy suit & bad makeup remind me of Torgo from MST3k

  20. JG says:

    At first glance, I thought he was in the running for World’s Crappiest Bert-From-Sesame-Street Costume.

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