The electric dog delights and astounds

No one will suspect that your well-behaved dog is actually a robot! Full build instructions included.

Recapping ‘The Jetsons’: Episode 04 – The Coming of Astro (Via Nerdstink)


      1. Yikes!  Also probably the only magazine in which readers don’t complain about the 80% ad content.

        EDIT: To be honest, I enjoy leafing through all those fashion ads.

        1. In pretty much any kind of design magazine, the ads are at least as interesting as the articles.

  1. Miles Monroe:
    Is he housebroken or will he be leaving little batteries all over the floor?

    1.  Good show!  I was actually was going to post that if someone had not already done it… but I believe in the happy mutants that haunt these comments.  You guys always come through!

        1.  That’s a flapper nun blessing Our Electric Pooch in order to banish the demon which has obviously possessed the child. The man, as usual, is clueless.

  2. You mean that 3 wheeled green box with a black line drawing on the front that has vague references to a canine face isn’t a dog?! 
    Wow, do I feel stupid!

  3. I’m not sure the magnetic steering mechanism (I assume the cane has a magnet) would work if it relies on a “sheet iron magnetic shield.”  That is a classic feature of perpetual motion machines. 

    1. that shield is there to prevent the flux from the motor and solenoid and relays from deflecting the needles. 

  4. See, if someone were to make this dog nowadays  it would be audrino powered and use cameras to track the end of the cane.  There’s something to be said for analog simplicity. 

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