Mark on Lifehacker live podcast: How I Work

I'm on Lifehacker right now for a live podcast about work tips and tricks. C'mon over and chat!

I’m Mark Frauenfelder, Editor-In-Chief of MAKE Magazine, and This Is How I Work


  1. Bummer! I just missed it. You’ve been a big influence on me. I’m starting my first batch of Kombucha today, something that I’ve been thinking about since you first wrote about it. Your writing about installing a PID in your espresso machine made me pull out my old machine and get back into espresso. It seems like roasting your own coffee beans would be something you do. Do you have a roaster?

    I have an Ikea desk that I’m not fond of anymore but it has a very substantial steel frame. I’m thinking about ditching the wood top and making a concrete desktop. The idea of casting recessed tray areas to hold pens and pencils has me excited about a project I would never have considered a few years ago. Now I’m thinking concrete is cheap and I can make something perfect for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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