City business people

NewImage My friend Jason Tester pointed me to this oddly mesmerizing and creeptastic stock video titled "City business people." Entranced, our own Rob Beschizza looped it and also generated the requisite animated GIF, and another one after the jump that focuses on the gentleman's knowing chuckle.



  1. My favorite character is the woman behind the smiling man

     — third from the left. I like the way her smile slowly fades, then drops completely: “Oh, it’s you.”

  2. I used to work in broadcast design and do the promotional packages used by TV stations across the nation. Part of the deliverable package we ALWAYS had to create we nick named the, “Spin & Grin”. You line up the stations on air personalities, individually and together, and have them rotate toward camera [spin] while going from a calm face to a smile [grin]. 

    Once you see this effect in practice, you’ll notice it EVERYWHERE.

      1. I’m currently caressing my chin and nodding appreciatively at my satisfyingly close shave while breaking into a handsome smile.

          1. She is actually smiling accommodatingly as she wipes an entire cup of spilled grape juice off the counter with a single paper towel.

          2. On a related note, Catalog Living documents the lives of Gary and Elaine, who live in a reality where there’s always a vintage propeller in the kitchen and a basket of starfish under the bed.

  3. Dammit, for a brief, shining moment, this comment thread was just 2 Boingers laughing amongst themselves over the antics of a third Boinger, and it felt like we were secretly in a cool, imaginary Boinger private email thread.

  4. I thought the post read “shock video” at first, and I was waiting for a monster to jump out. Then I realised the monsters are right there! Corporations amirite?

    1. It’s not just you. My reaction to that video was not, “Oh, look at all the welcoming, friendly (and extremely white) people.” My reaction was, “ah, this is what a wounded herbivore feels when it sees an entire pack of predators turn all at once to look at it.”

  5. There’s an incredible music video by the group Ratatat that makes use of similar stock footage to creepy effect. The song is called “Drugs”:

  6. Third from the left is so stoned that she makes Ellen Feiss (from the Apple Switch ad) look straightedge.

  7. Does anyone feels like this is a scene from “Children of the corn”… like they all grew up and are smiling to fool you… creepy…

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