Hanging tree forts: Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Tree is a 60kg hanging tree-fort. You can gang up multiple, special-purpose cocoons (bathroom, bedroom, dining room) to build a little treetop house, with a safety net beneath. Each cocoon is supported by six guy-wires rated to 1.6 tons each, and is framed in aluminum.

COCOON TREE - dormir dans les arbres (warning: autoplays [terrible] music) (via Geekologie)


    1. I agree, they are quite pricey. I think it would be a lot cheaper and more fun to build your own instead.

  1. This seems overly elaborate for a tree fort, yet completely impractical for someone who wants to live in them long term.  

  2. This is a cute design, but… I don’t doubt the 1.6 ton load per cable, but this REALLY doesn’t apply to the tree BRANCHES they’re attached too, especially if one gangs up the modules. For those with a taste for adventure, live on the edge, and accept the risks….

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