Turn your iPad into an airplane seat-back video screen using 2 cents’ worth of materials


15 Responses to “Turn your iPad into an airplane seat-back video screen using 2 cents’ worth of materials”

  1. Funk Daddy says:

    Anything is better than some of the crap offered up on many flights. Funny to that it isn’t always top shelf entertainment & ads, because there is no audience like a captive audience.

    • winkybb says:

      Yep, it is the advertising I can’t stand. There is a bank I will honestly NEVER use because they drove me crazy with incessant in-flight ads during a period when I was doing a lot of international travel for work. Just the sight of the logo makes my blood boil.

      • ocker3 says:

         I’m often surprised by how often some companies repeat their ads in a given timeframe, on the same channel. Pissing off your intended audience is a very real danger

  2. WaferMouse says:

    Because hey, it’s not like you couldn’t pick up any crappy old headphones anywhere in the world and have a better listening experience. Apple should start advertising them as “Air Hangers with built-in micro speakers”

    (Disclosure: Mac and Android and Sennheiser user)

  3. ChicagoD says:

    Just hope the person doesn’t give you a lap full of iPad by reclining . . .

    • rattypilgrim says:

       Yes, like for two hours before takeoff while planes are lined up to be de-iced and then another 10 hours for the duration of the flight (with a couple of brief meal breaks when the jerk in front of you puts his seat back up). Don’t get me started!

  4. pupdog says:

    I missed it if it was in the write-up, but the pictures DO show a different set of headphones plugged in. PLEASE don’t try this without headphones – no one wants to hear you catching up on Vampire Diaries…

  5. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Surely this is a threat to national security.

  6. lakelady says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but most of the planes I fly on don’t have that kind of plastic on the seat in front of me to wrap the string around, the whole thing is fabric with a smaller video inset into the back.  Somehow I don’t think the person in front of me will take kindly to me wrapping a string behind their head to make this work.

    • ChicagoD says:

      Ask nicely.

      Actually, if there is an adjustable headrest there should be room between the headrest and actual seat back.

  7. winkybb says:

    At last, a use for those white ear-buds that I swear are breeding at our place. Put two pairs in a drawer for a few months and they multiply into a tangled mess of white cables and non-ear-shaped white bulbs. Looks like some sort of parasitic worm infestation.

    Seriously though, and iPad on a tray table is just fine by me. I wouldn’t bother with this.

  8. I’ve done this before. It really depends on the construction of the seat. In some cases- you can also hang it off the little hook for the tray-table. It doesn’t put the iPad much higher, but it frees up some space on the tray-table if the seat isn’t reclined back too far… :)

  9. styrofoam says:

    With the smart cover, you can prop it up near vertical.  Don’t lie it flat with the hinges away from you-  stand it upright with the triangle and hinges at the bottom.

    Problem solved for $0 more!

    (Unless there’s something wrong with standing it upright on the tray-  you lose a few inches as opposed to hanging it, but not neck-craning angles.)

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