Fugazi, the edits: an entire discography remixed down to one album-length study of rhythm and tension

Fugazi in action. Photograph by Glen E. Friedman.

Marc Weidenbaum at Disquiet writes about a new project of interests to all fans of Fugazi, DC hardcore, and cultural mashups:

"This guy named Chris Lawhorn has, with Fugazi's permission, made a full album in which every track combines four or more Fugazi songs into a new song, says Marc.

"Lawhorn focused almost entirely on the instrumental materials," he adds. "I think it's tensile and wonderful, and I interviewed him."

Check out both at disquiet.com.


  1. It’s an unusual concept, but not entirely unknown to the musical world. Frank Zappa did some of this on his album Sheik Yerbouti. the song Rubber Shirt is two entirely different tracks edited together.

  2. Are we absolutely certain that isn’t Angus Young, circa 1977?

    No, wait.  This guy’s about a foot too tall.  

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