Canada gets a huge raft of user-rights in copyright


4 Responses to “Canada gets a huge raft of user-rights in copyright”

  1. Looks suspiciously like progress!  ‘Grats Canada.

  2. nowimnothing says:

    Good on the public performance in schools, that has always seemed a silly licensing cost to me. It does not cost a lot, but it can be a hassle and burden to underfunded schools.

    Bad on the DMCA-style locks. Crazy that all your fair use rights go out the window just because someone puts a digital lock on the content.

  3. rocketpjs says:

    Well, certainly Canada’s copyright laws needed to do some catching up. I’ll wait to see what the unforeseen impacts of these changes will be. 

    Yes, boo on digital locks, but I suspect digital locks will eventually become a sort of humorous historical footnote.

  4. Daemonworks says:

    No worries about the locks – that’s unenforceable in any real way.

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