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22 Responses to “Minnesota defeats discriminatory marriage amendment”

  1. Ashen Victor says:

    Love have no frontiers and marriage is a burden anyone should be allowed to suffer… just kidding, Congratulations!

  2. benher says:

    Finally! MN doing something to make up for Michelle Bachman!

  3. Christopher says:

    After last night I’m beginning to believe, for the first time in my life, that I might actually live long enough to see marriage equality in the United States. 

  4. toasterslie says:


  5. costeau says:

    Happy days for Minnesota!
    But there’s just this one thing I’m very curious about, Maggie:What’s the Swedish Chef got to do with marriage equality or voter ID? Or does he just bring you loads of joy, perhaps? :-)

    • He does bring joy. But the joke is really about Minnesota’s Swedish (and Scandinavian, in general) heritage, which is often credited as an explanation for this state’s socially liberal leanings. 

      • IronEdithKidd says:

        BTW- Thank you for the vid.  Sweedish Chef was just about my favorite muppet when I was little.  I’d also like to thank you for reminding me that it’s time to pick up the entire series so I can share it with my son.

        More OT, congrats on continuing the liberal traditions that I’ve always loved about MN.  (Srsly, though, you’re getting beaten in the progressive department by freakin’ Iowa.  Get it together.)

        • And now on the other side, Wisconsin’s got Senator Tammy. MN still has to undo the LEGISLATED ban on equal-marriage.

          Well, at least MN still has Senator Al. Although now that I think about it, his re-election bid will be in an off-year. And the Big Fat Idiot will be targeting him…

      • Christopher says:

        Whenever I think of Minnesota I always think of two things: Garrison Keillor and Michelle Bachmann.

        This morning I find myself feeling that only one of those truly represents Minnesota.

  6. Russell Letson says:

    A note to non-Minnesotans: Rep. Bachmann’s given name is spelled Michele, which allows us to distinguish her from the other politically and artistically significant Michelles.

    And our Michele (she is, to my chagrin, still my representative) barely beat (by .6% last I heard) a well-heeled business guy and job creator (a real one) who in a saner world would  be a moderate Republican, if any such were allowed to exist in Minnesota’s GOPland. (Former GOP Governor Arne Carlson endorsed him. But then, the party purged Carlson, along with former Governor Quie and former Senator Durenberger, a couple years back.)

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      My condolences.  Here’s to hoping you can move just a little further east, north or south (assuming you’re in WBL and not St. Cloud or “the sticks”)!

  7. Lowrah Saurus says:

    I am unclear on what makes Minnesota the “first state” to vote against a “constitutional amendment banning gays and lesbians from marrying.”  I keep seeing this written, but I am not sure how it can be true.  Arizona defeated Proposition 107 in 2006.

    “Arizona Proposition 107 was a proposed same-sex marriage ban, put before voters byballot initiative in the 2006 General Election. If passed, it would have prohibited the state of Arizona from recognizing same-sex marriages or civil unions. The state already had a statute defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman and prohibiting the recognition of same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.[1]
    This proposed amendment to the Arizona Constitution received 48.2% of the vote with 51.8% opposed, making Arizona the first U.S. state to defeat a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Several states approved similar measures between 1998 and 2006.[2]” 

    Maybe MN is the first state to defeat an amendment that only talked about marriage, as opposed to marriage and civil unions?

  8. Uncle Geo says:

    Minnesota also rocks in so many other ways. Besides upending the marriage amendment we also defeated a voter ID amendment, carried the state for Obama, won the state House and the state Senate and currently hold all the statewide offices (Gov, Sec State, AG and State Auditor). Our DFL (MN’s Democrats’) ground game regularly swamps the GOP’s hired guns -even with our volunteers spread among the races and ballot initiatives.

    Our voting machines still simply tally good ‘ol paper ballots and we showed Florida and the rest of the nation how to handle recounts (Sen. Franken, Gov. Dayton). And our Governor Mark Dayton is an authentically compassionate and fearless Liberal. 

    We got very very close but still must apologize to all y’all for Michele Bachmann -sorry about that. She’s entertaining though, dontcha think?