Toothy ladies' shoes


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  1. Spitty Sumo says:

    found another view, but i don’t think there’s any making out the name/title/whatever on the table next to it.  reminiscent of:

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    I only wear the teeth of my enemies, on a chain around my neck.

    But I’m open to shoes.

  3. OtherMichael says:

    This trumps my wallet made from foreskins hands-down.

  4. Faustus says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy human teeth? Ones removed by dentists or something not ones from mass prisoner graves in china. I have an art project that needs some. They have to be real though. Well they don’t have to be, but they should be, or how will I gain their magical teeth powers?

    inb4 letmegooglethatforyou, it’s very difficult to find large amounts of teeth for sale, and even small amounts are ridiculously expensive.

    • merreborn says:

      The other similar pair of shoes on BB mentions using denture teeth.  Probably your best bet.

      • Faustus says:

        Thanks but I want to carve runes into them and use them to tell the future and I don’t think dentures will contain any of the calcified knowledge of their deceased owners.

        Note I don’t actually believe this but magic items are fun.

        • Spitty Sumo says:

          i find your project very intriguing!  then again, i love collecting teeth/bones and such, usually just found in the woods or as roadkill.

          have you considered using a variety of animals’ teeth as well as human?  you’d get a much wider range of calcified knowledge/experience… 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Are there no prisons where you live?  Are there no workhouses?

    • jackbird says:

      You can get them for a buck each from impressionable groups of first-graders.  You have to supply the string and the door though.

  5. Little Mouse says:

    Today I have discovered that seeing a large amount of human teeth anywhere other than in a mouth is incredibly disturbing. Apparently it doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself they’re likely fabricated and not person grown it still sets off the creeping shivers. Which is kind of odd because things like mummified remains, skeletons and animal taxidermy doesn’t tend to bother me at all. Maybe it’s to do with the incompleteness – Somewhere deep down I’m concerned about what happened to the rest of the person.

  6. nagemr says:
    The shoe is by Marina Dempster, Artist
    Toronto, Canada

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