China won't permit human rights monitors in Tibet, because hey, come on, nothing bad is going on there, you guys

At least 68 Tibetans have set themselves on fire since March 2011 in protest against Chinese rule over Tibetan regions; 56 have died. Despite this, Reuters reports that a government official said today that China "will not allow foreign observers into restive Tibet to probe human rights abuses... dismissing mounting international pressure for an independent investigation in the troubled mountainous region."


  1. When right-wingers in Texas howl about how evil it is that UN-afiliated observers were watching the US election, they’re undercutting the legitimacy of observers of other countries for human-rights issues, such as in China/Tibet.

  2. Sure China has issues.   But human rights issues?  How can you have human rights issues if you don’t have human rights?

    在上帝的份, people these days.

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