Petraeus outed by Gmail


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Fan-tastic… Our CIA arch-spook was using a public webmail service. Was the answer to his ‘security question’ his mother’s maiden name, by any chance?

    Well, on the plus side, I suspect that cracking his gmail is probably easier than getting an FOIA on his official email account, so maybe he’s just a transparency kind of guy!

  2. AwesomeRobot says:

    Well, at least she titled her book appropriately? 

  3. BarBarSeven says:

    Did I miss something? How or why did they monitor his GMail account?

    • he’s the CHIEF OF THE CIA – it’s safe to assume EVERYTHING he does is monitored

      having said that, I’m not sure why having an extramarital affair should cost him the job, people are having affairs all the time with no ill effect…

      • Tynam says:

        It’s not the affair that’s the problem, in itself.  The problem is that a CIA chief who is having an affair is (a) open to blackmail from someone, or in this case, (b) hanging around with someone who tried to get access to his email.

        I’m normally a big advocate of ‘who cares who they sleep with as long as they’re competent in their job’, but this is the specific exception – for an intel agency, having an affair can indicate a failure of competence.  You really don’t want the intel chief to be more worried about keeping secrets from his wife and co-workers than from the enemy.

        • pjk says:

          Also, he can’t even keep an extramarital affair secret. Clearly, not a very competent spy.

        • Boris Bartlog says:

          Yes, this is just the sort of thing that would cause someone to fail a security clearance background check. And it’s not really a good idea to start making exceptions at the top, even if they seem justified on an individual basis.

      • BarBarSeven says:

        I don’t care what is “safe to assume.” We are non in Soviet Russia. How did the GMail stuff get mixed into this?  Were they monitoring him?  Did they find someone who breached his e-mail?

    • SHeadius says:

      How is what I wanna know.

  4. eli laztanguren says:

    The banality of evil, always at work.

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