Occupy Sandy live-streaming post-storm cleanup efforts

This webcast is an incredible thing to witness. @OccupySandy teaming up with a biker club to clean up homes in New York's Staten Island ravaged by the hurricane. Doing what FEMA can't/won't. The Occupy Sandy movement is an amazing thing. Just when the media declared OWS "dead" and "without purpose," this leaderless volunteer movement showed the world what community activism really means—and what the ability to mobilize at a moment's notice can accomplish.


  1. A bunch of people from New York Communities for Change helped organize this what is especially amazing about this is that their executive director Jon Kest’s daughter was killed in a storm related accident. I talked to one of the lead organizers. “Today we sent out 3 school buses, 3 cargo vans, and 25 vehicles filled with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of pounds of supplies to the Rockaways to deliver goods house by house.

    They have been doing a lot of work with people in these neighborhood who had their homes foreclosed on by Wall Street Banks, so they know these people, some of them are members of NYCC. In fact they are so plugged into the community the Red Cross came to them asking for the lay of the land for their relief efforts. 
    If you are inclined to donate to them here is a link. 

  2. Just when the media declared OWS “dead” and “without purpose,” this leaderless volunteer movement showed the world what community activism really means

    The corporatist media will continue to call OWS “dead” as long as the movement is even remotely a danger to the status quo.

  3. After Hurricane Katrina, the “Burners without Borders” went down there and rebuilt communication networks, and a bunch of them are doing that for emergency communications after Sandy as well.  Some jobs like restarting subways are better done by professionals with a lot of resources, but for a lot of the relief work what you really need are community organizers and hippies.

  4. I was stuck at home in NYC during the storm week but still got paid. Decided to send a chunk of my wages from that week to a Sandy related cause.  They all seemed like the same old same old.  Then the second I heard about Occupy Sandy & the Amazon “Wedding Registry” I pretty much instantaneously bought some stuff & sent it to them.

    I can’t think of a better way to give people in need exactly what they need.  If I donate to the Red Cross, how do I know it goes to Sandy?  And honestly, their presence related to Sandy in NYC has been lackluster to say the least. Buying boxes of food or generic clothing seems like a hassle since someone has to sort through that junk & most of what gets donated is junk. People just clear out their closets or pantry.  The “wedding registry” is updated regularly & I have been to 520 Clinton here in Brooklyn & you can literally see the stuff that is on the Amazon registry sitting there getting ready to be distributed.

    Also, folks who are still wary of these folks need to realize that members of the U.S. military are volunteering on their own to help via the Occupy folks.  And U.P.S. drivers who are dropping off goods have even organized to help them bring stuff to the Rockaways & other areas.  It’s pretty amazing.

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