Elfquest: A successful hunt

Page 10 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.

Page 10 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.



  1. Is she worried about them, I wonder, or is she a little jealous because she would be a mother too?
    So the new baby will be a girl? I guess that the healers know!
    I also wonder if someday we’ll know what “K’chaiya” means… Is it merely a translation of “Firehair” in Elvish? The first time Teir said that, I almost believed that it was Ember’s soulname…

    1.  It could be, but we’ve also heard Teir call ember ‘Fireheart’  anD Firehair. Maybe its a twist on her soulname.. he’s close to it and can kina feel it (We know Suntop/Sunstream’s) soul name as a twin, its plausable that Ember is also a ‘K’ sounding soul name. So maybe Teir’s got am ‘impression’ of it.

      And so he just started calling her that. It seems to start in  The Wild Hunt , when they’re talking to Leighrin and Ember’s momentarily lost the Chieftanship to scouter, the wolf-mind send/vision, calls her K’Chaiya, and then teir starts calling her it.

  2. Sust has the rare silver hair? Hmm, I hadn’t expected that at all. Skot had dark brown, Krim has wheat blond, and and Pike has orange. I suspect Sust is Skot’s biological son because he couldn’t bond with a wolf, and thought once we knew his hair color it would be a big clue once and for all. Silver throws me off completely. Errrrrgggg.

      1. That was my initial thought too! I’m trying to remember when Krim got pregnant. Was it during the time the castle was pulled into the future and Skywise was away, or after he returned? Leetah clean his wolfblood, so if he was Skywise’s son, he couldn’t bond with a wolf now either.

        1.  I think Skot’s the father. He was conceived under that table when Skot and Krim said to Strongbow “Join us?” XD If Krim got pregnant before the the shards war, some healer would have noticed that- like Mender noticed after.

          1. Huh? I wasn’t trying to offend anyone by asking the question. I was just wondering since I didn’t know. It’s been years since I read the story that Sust was in and I lost touch with every detail that happened in it.

    1. lol I think that was probably the point.  Krim and Cutter are the only two elves to have buff-colored hair, so that’s pretty rare too.  Perhaps the silver hair comes from Krim’s line?

  3. Three things I love about this page:
    1.  Ember’s hair, curlier than Cutter’s, shaggier than Leetah’s
    2.  Pool saying Ember not being there for Sunstream’s cub’s birth hurting his heart, because I use the same phrase
    3.  Sust has silver hair!

  4. I always figured Sust’s hair was buff colored, like his mother’s. Now looking at the group shot again, I see that Yun’s hair looks to be the same color as Krim’s, when I remember it being silver like Skywise’s. Makes me wonder if the colors got mixed…Yun’s with Sust’s (know what I mean?) May just be my faulty memory, tho!

  5. I love how this page shows Ember’s physical changes as she’s left behind her teen years and has truly entered adulthood.  She’s still distinctly herself, but her resemblance to Leetah is more defined now, while her hair is a perfect blending of both her parents, while retaining her own distinctive shade. 

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