Exclusive excerpt from The Walking Dead novel - The Road to Woodbury


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  1. Slartibartfatsdomino says:


    Having just finished this, I have to say that it was not as good as The Rise of the Governor. The plot was nowhere near as focused, Lilly’s character seems like a cipher for the bulk of the proceedings, the times when zombies show up seem much more contrived for plot purposes than in the comic book (and these books are said by Kirkland to be part of comic book canon), the development of some of the iconic Woodbury bits (e.g., the gladiator contests surrounded by zombies) seem forced and just thrown in there and not naturally developed, etc. I read that Kirkman has plans to write one more and bring things up to the destruction of Woodbury, so maybe some of these complaints will seem less annoying at that point as the story here becomes part of a larger arc. 

    All of that said, I still read it pretty voraciously.

  2. SeanJJordan says:

    Yikes. I thought I was reading poorly-written fan fiction until I went back up to the top of the page and saw that this was an excerpt from an official tie-in novel.

    Consider a line like this: “The little corpse gobbles the thing, falling to its knees, two-handing the finger into her ravenous little pit of a mouth. The nauseating wet noises fill the laundry room.”

    That’s what you’d write when you’re expecting an artist or filmmaker to fill in the detail; in a novel, it’s so minimalist that without the knowledge of the visual aspects of the series, it barely describes what’s going on. 

    Kirkman is great at writing comics. Novels are clearly not his forte.

  3. Chris Bradbury says:

    i love the comics, and other Kirkman comics like Invincible are also excellent, but the writing in The Rise of the Governor was so so bad i couldn’t believe it. i couldn’t believe he’d actually read it and approved it… i mean, where’s the quality control? this excerpt reads a little better on average but the first comment reckons it’s not as good as Rise… so i’m not gonna touch this new book. doesn’t sound like it’s got any crucial plot points in it anyway. plus, couldn’t they have come up with a better reason why this guy is so insane? his experiences sound like lots of other people’s experiences since ‘the turn’…

  4. Chris Bradbury says:

    and where the **** was the editor, whose job it is/was to catch the horrible grammar and prose?

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