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8 Responses to “The Making Of Die Antwoord's "Fatty Boom Boom" video”

  1. Karl Benedek says:

    The last 0:50 tore me up.

  2. Boundegar says:

    That was lovely, and yea, especially the last minute.

  3. HubrisSonic says:

    well, thats certainly.. uh… food for thought. 

  4. Jim Nelson says:

    Every time I see these guys, I respect the hell out of them more. Thank you.

  5. nail Bnny says:

    Good stuff. Wish I could have been there last night. :]

  6. Thank you Boing Boing. I probably never would have come across these dudes without you.

  7. ocker3 says:

    These videos go really well together, the behind the scenes really slays a lot of the accusations of homophobia and exploitation of lower class culture and life laid in the BB comments to the first video. The dancing woman, dancing boys and girls really celebrates the average people, and the final shots remind us exactly what kind of conditions many people around the world live in.

    I’m fucking lucky to have my life. 

  8. beaker says:

    Die Antwoord is an acquired taste.  I’ve acquired it.  Thanks a lot, thanks a whole lot.